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We have documented 327 Edge Inference solutions a few of which are outlined below; our partners are adding to these every day. What can you think of doing?  We help with engineering, architecture and in finding complementary solution partners to complete and optimize your solution.

Security Camera Video Surveillance

Video Monitoring

Remote monitoring for security, equipment and/or facilities; whilst video is the most common audio monitoring is equally common with a range of applications

5G Next-generation mobile communication-

Broadband on Demand

Wireless broadband on demand; 5G (or any "G") RAN optimization, Microcell, MIMO and RAN acceleration, control and integration; WiFi control and integration of sensory data.


SarahAI is a ML/AI Platform for situational awareness solutions such as:

Smart Cities / Infrastructure / Buildings

Cyber Physical Systems

Security & First Responder Solutions

Wildfire Awareness & Management

Emergency Operations Command & Control

Build, manage and automate high impact ML models from research to production.

Stop Light

Smart Infrastructure

Detection and validation in Smart Cities is based on control of systems from traffic, environment, communications with safety of personnel coordinated.

Modern High Tech Authentic Robot Arm Hol

IIoT / Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 requires a platform for automation in a lights out environment. matrixOS and PRO is ideal for your enterprise operations. 

Double exposure of success businessman w

Smart City

Providing safety, security and stability for economic growth and sustainability AI/ML and automation of of resources and emergency first-responders and situational awareness across the city will deliver enhanced life experience benefits to the populace as a whole.

City Crosswalk

Situational Awareness

From Police, Paramedic and Fire resources command and control is available to mitigate risks and poor decisions in stressful scenarios. Let's work together.

Robotic and Automation system control ap

Internet of Things

IoT requires instant decisions for embedded sensors, software, wearables and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems.  ML & AI systems are increasing in use whereby Edge Inference Networking is the only solution.

Machinery in a Physics Lab

Cyber Physical Systems

The very definition in Edge Inference Networking; physical and software components are deeply intertwined, able to operate on different spatial and temporal scales, exhibit multiple and distinct behavioral modalities, and interactions with each other in ways that change with context.

Unmanned underwater vehicle on the ship.

Autonomous DoD

Robotic submersibles, military targeting systems, site defense systems are just a few of the DoD solutions developed.

Autonomous tractor working in the field.

Autonomous Farming

Agribusiness has benefited from automation for over 20-years, now it witness another level of crop yield, equipment efficiency and automation.

Database table with server storage and n

Contextual Information

Gaining a 360-degree view of your customer or user requires context.  In-store behavior, sports venues, gaming and dozens of other aspects impact the experience.  These are the Edges of Data.


Managed POS

Linking a 360-degree customer view to CRM and martech systems adds elements such as fraud detection, contextual choice, targeted content and advertising along with wearables.

Business Conference

Business Decisions

Gaining a 360-degree view of your customers enables your business to be the most efficient and responsive to deliver the best retail experience for your customers.  System optimization provides new levels of efficiencies

Students Typing at Their Computers

Spatial Computing

Linking human interaction with  machines in which the machine retains and manipulates referents to real objects and spaces.  These are the Edges of Data; decision-making driven by ML and AI.

Smart car (HUD) , Autonomous self-drivin

Traffic Control

Ever sit at a light with no one in sight?  From smart parking, safety, content delivery to routing of service or emergency vehicles the future needs better organization, management and control.

Reading Map on Mobile

Bandwidth on Demand

Linking RF, microcells, WiFi with other broadband optimizes resources and empowers new services, choices and opportunities.


Preference Data

Targeted and contextual advertising, content, social gaming that is relevant and useful to the consumer.

Outdoors Meeting


Video conference, VR/AR, especially on mobile devices requires acceleration at lower bandwidth along with intelligent inference capabilities to provide the desired experience.