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Tensor Networks Edge Inference Network Software all start with matrixOS, a SE-Linux based toolkit.  Added to matrixOS are a combination of Edge Computing solutions providing you with scale and flexibility.

Pricing is based on a one-time license fee and a cost based on the number of users, streams or work flows.

A secure FREE 90-day developers sandbox is available for trial and testing.  Branded sandboxes are available for technology and distribution partners to help you drive your business.


SE Linux-based Machine Building Toolkit

  • Build the processes to get your machines running

  • SE-Linux (Redhat) Operating System running Networks, Servers, Workstations or Mobi-devices

  • Connected Neural Networking

  • Easy Install (only 8-minutes)

  • Assignable GPU Processing Power

  • Automatic Configuration of Containers, Virtual Machines and Tool Libraries

GCA - Easy / Secure / Proven


May need to right click and open new tab to start download


Environments, Personalities & Skills

  • Simplified & Automates the Installation Process.

  • Learns and adapts to what YOU want done

  • Establishes YOUR delta configuration, then ANY tool can be loaded without change

  • Up to 768 Nodes in a Cluster

  • HPC User Scheduling

  • Bare-Metal Services

  • Departmental Billing

  • Machine Learning Security Automation

  • Air-gap on demand

  • GPU Virtualization

  • CPU and Process Virtualization

in Trials - GCA Q321



Video Solution

  • Control of 1 to thousands of video streams for security or customer experience applications

  • Network Connected for ML/AI Workloads Deployed within 20-min

  • Reference HW & SW Architecture

  • Easy integration with the SarahAI situational awareness platform

in Trials - GCA Q421



Edge Inference Networking for Carriers, Telco & MSP's

  • Network runs at CPU/GPU speed

  • Designed for large fleets of machines

  • ML/AI for network telemetry monitoring with anomaly ID

  • Software defined cluster orchestration

  • B/OSS integration capability

in Testing - GCA Q222



SW-Defined Cluster Mgt.

  • Single Cluster Control

  • Save time and labor effort

  • Software-defined management of clusters, racks on site or remote

  • Accounting/Charge-back capability

in Testing - GCA Q122



Situational Awareness, Response and Help Platform

  • ML/AI Platform for Situational Awareness Solutions

  • Network Connected ML/AI Workloads Deployed Within 20-min

  • Reference HW & SW Architecture

  • Automation Platform

  • Control for any language, framework and compute environment

  • Datasets, Research, Experiment, Build, Deploy, Monitor

  • Everything you need to build, manage and automate high impact ML models from research to production

  • Trainable with Open APIs

in Trials - GCA Q421



Software made EASY…computer science students love us because we automatically build containers and VM's.

Building the process to get the machine running.


Want a 5G lab on your laptop...easy!

RedHat download takes some 4-hours…WE TAKE 8-Minutes saving you time adding flexibility.

Network, ML and/or AI workloads deploy within 20-minutes.

A SECURE toolkit to upload anything in your library.

Private Cloud..."in a box."


Designed for Data Science

  • Saves HOURS of labor to move faster

  • Analytics, Data Lakes, Visualization, Machine/Adaptive Learning, AI, Material Science, Cyber Physical or Spatial Computing research applications

in Beta - GCA Q122



Branch Office & Remote Location Solution

  • 10x performance, lower cost, green and sustainable PLUS ML/AI decision-making ability

  • Replace firewall, VPN, router, switches, load-balancing, content distribution, VOIP, SD-WAN and MPLS - ALL IN A SINGLE 1U SERVER

in Beta - GCA Q222



Private Cloud Solution

  • Everything you could get from Amazon, Rackspace, AliCloud or other Public Cloud provider AT A FRACTION OF THE COST

  • Flexible work loads

  • Build an unlimited number of containers or VM's

  • Upload any library to tools

  • Private sandboxes and testing

in Testing - GCA Q421



Computer Processor you have options - White/Private Label or Rent

Cisco and Amazon offer an Edge Computing solution for about $100K...ours, with software and greater GPU power is only about $10K and consumes far less energy.

Shouldn't you at least call?

1,000+ different configurations for any application, CPU/GPU, redundant power, SSD or other storage.  Our architects and partners can help you design the best solution.

Edge Inference Networking from 10G to 5200 TFLOPS across 80 NVIDIA T4 GPUs in a full rack.  Servers from 1U, standing, IoT or remote and severe environmental condition.

  • Smaller processors/rack space

  • Green power efficiency (500w)

  • Improved airflow for GPU design

  • Mil-Spec, NEBS, Ruggedized Environments


All Tensor Networks software will run on ANY bare-metal open reference hardware; however, we built relationships with some of the world's best technology OEM partners, lab and real-world tested to optimize the HW/SW solution.

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