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A complete turn-key solution that ships rack-mounted for your HPC, AI training, and supercomputing needs. The Matrix Private Cloud solution is a proven high performance, turn-key, and highly efficient design. Total power requirement is less than 22KVa.

Private Cloud Cluster

Qty 40 Matrix-DataScience Routers
Powerful Intel® Xeon® Processor Cores,
16-Core, 32 Threads, 2.2 GHz, 100W Ea.
- Intel 512G M.2 NVMe SSD
- 2x NVIDIA TESLA T4 GPU 16G DDR6 RAM 640 Tensor Cores
- 500 Watt Platinum Power Supply

- Matrix-OS Professional Included

 - IaaS, and PaaS with reservation and accounting services.

- Now IT is the best and least cost cloud option.

Matrix-Private Cloud


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