Enterprise Edge Operating System and Data Science environment with Networking and Security with Acceleration.


The full version of Matrix-OS will ship on USB



Are you ready for a Professional fully-featured turn-key next-generation operating system that includes high-performance computing with built-in security, acceleration, and neural networking? 


Matrix-OS is your turn-key industry 4.0 solution development and implementation platform. It's very modern, scalable, and secure. It will delight you, and be your go-to OS. Why because it simply does it all.


Matrix-OS Features:

  • Implemented with Enhanced features for:
  • Network Routing 
  • Security & Encryption for VPN
  • Accelerated Computing and Neural Networking
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Data Science and Big Data Analytics
  • Zero Touch Provisioning "ZTP"
  • Cloud-Based Telemetry


You can build your own: Network Appliance, Data Science System, Video Encoding System, and Smart Edge Solution. The sky is the limit for solutions and value creation.


Create your value.





Tensor Networks Matrix-OS

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