AI/Deep Learning Core 10 RU

Designed for the Enterprise Core Neural Network to compliment large Edge Inference and Training workloads for industrial process control and automation.


16x Tesla V100 Server

16-Way NVLink Tesla T4 32GB Each
2x Xeon Platinum 8268 (24 Cores) 
1.5 TB of System Memory
1.92 TB NVMe OS Drive
Customizable Data Drives
Dual-Port 100 Gb/sec Ethernet/IB for Storage
8x 100 Gb/sec IB for Multi-Node Training



16 NVIDIA® Tesla V100 GPUs

10240 Tensor Cores Combined

2080 PFLOPS of Performance

  NVIDIA® NVLink™ and NVSwitch


  24 DIMM Slots

6x 3000W Redundant Titanium Level PSU

Matrix-OS Included 



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