It's all about the Platform

MatrixOS is the modern platform for modern applications and services.

1. Widely known Development Languages and Tools

One of the most important aspects to modern software that is often overlooked in modernization projects is the ability to get answers and find readily available help and talent. For this you need to use technologies and tools that are widely known.

MatrixOS comes standard with Python.

2. Readily Available Skills and Multi-Vendor Support

Finding additional skilled people; employees, consultants or both, is a constant necessity in software development. The ability to do this during critical needs is essential.

3. Productive User Experience (UX)

A great application helps users succeed in the easiest and fastest way possible. A User with knowledge of your business should be able to use it with minimal to no training necessary and they should be able to find what they need to make informed business decisions and complete tasks in an efficient manner. MatrixOS leverages the GNOME desktop in GUI mode.

4. Adaptable Software Architecture

As the company grows and changes and the requirements expand, today’s software needs to have an architecture that will be able to grow, change, and expand with it. An architecture that reduces or eliminates maintenance drag.

5. Run on all types of devices

Businesses need to support users both in and out of the office for a myriad of purposes. Remote and mobile users may be employees, customers, partners or vendors depending on the objective of the software. These users may use a variety of different devices and they expect the software to work using the native interfaces of those devices. MatrixOS supports x86 and ARM64 endpoints and servers.

6. Seamless Integration to other software and systems

Most companies have different platforms and technologies that their applications run on. It is essential to be able to set up standard ways of integrating and working with these disparate interfaces.

7. Standard Web Services

Web Services provide a standard well understood way of accessing information that developers and integrators can build applications with. There are many valuable business specific services available that you can consume and tremendous value you can provide by publishing your own. With standard web services you will reduce development costs and increase software agility.

8. Robust Database / Data Stores

Modern databases and data stores have deep functionality that improves data retrieval, storage, and performance.

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