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Situational Awareness

Safety and Security in Realtime

Always aware SarahAI powered by matrixOS empowers the surrounding network to be a safety net.


SaraAI is a reference architecture for hardware and software that can be delivered through our ODM partners at scale.

Situational Awareness Response and Help (SARAH) is network connected to Emergency First Responders, and Emergency Operations Centers as part of a Smart City Infrastructure solution.

With nearly unlimited capacity to make everyone's life better everywhere. The more SarahAI the better.



With high-performance computing built into the network, there's no reliance on a faraway data center to make important real-time calls. SarahAI can make inference determinations at the Edge where it's the most important.

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We rely on good information

We need data to make decisions especially when there's an emergency or a dangerous situation.

SarahAI uses algorithms to process real-time video feeds and to zero in on situations that need to be brought to the attention of the appropriate emergency resource for evaluation and next-level decision making.


A Sarah cluster can analyze thousands of video feeds across a smart city in real-time to save lives, preserve resources, and create safer and more stable neighborhoods everywhere.

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3D Scans