About Tensor Networks

Open Everything. Dis-Aggregated Network Operating System (NOS), Dis-Aggregated Logic (Processing), Open-API's. No Vendor Lock-In. Finally!

We did a lot of market research, and we listened. The market told us that network administrators want innovation, open networking, and machine learning.


So... We built the Matrix Platform. 

"Tensor Networks is focused on Edge, accelerated network services, AI/ML, and leveraging both ends of "Data Gravity", the sources/consumers and the processing/storage to build the next generation of service delivery, optimized for performance and security."     Bill Walker CTO

The Matrix platform is assembled in the USA of the highest quality components and craftsmanship.


Because our platform combines traditional best practices, and new innovation for a modern networking experience - We thought it best to not outsource to Asia like the rest of the industry.


We're going to grow our business and create jobs and value right here in Silicon Valley USA. We're proud of this and our customers are too. We made the decision that people are more important than margins.

Tensor Networks is an MWBE - Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise. We practice a Triple Bottom Line: of Social, Environmental, and Financial responsibility. Based on ISO 26000.

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