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 We develop MatrixOS.

An open and disaggregated hardware and software next-generation converged data networking and edge-computing platform with artificial intelligence and machine learning acceleration for modern applications and services.

"The Network is the Computer"

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Parallel Lines

MatrixOS brings proven advantages in cost and performance by converging high-performance computing and data networking. 

We've engineered a breakthrough approach to connectivity and application services by leveraging compute capacity within the network itself. Combining high-performance compute within network devices creates a next-generation edge computing experience and resource. 

  • Enterprise/ SP/ EdTech

  • *Network acceleration L3-7

  • Open Programmable Architecture

  • Technical Debt Reduction

  • Modular / Federated

  • *Autonomous Security

  • Scale-up or Scale-out

  • IPv6, BGP, MPLS


  • *Computer Vision Processing Network

  • Application Development in Python

  • Runs on COTS HW to *Supercomputer Cluster

  • Containers / Kubernetes

  • Fully Disaggregated Networking

  • Big Data / Data Science 

  • Higher Performance and Less Expensive

  • Enterprise Applications and Cloud Hypervisor Ready

  • Open Architecture

  • Multi-Cloud Empowerment

  • *Distributed Parallel Processing and Scheduling 

  • Built-in Encryption

  • Local data storage for streaming analytics

* MatrixOS Professional Feature Only

"Pound per pound and watt per watt, the Matrix-Edge is quite an impressive solution." - Quang Ong, Engineer at SRI- Stanford Research International

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Artificial Intelligence

Tensor is the Perfect AI Platform

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Computer Vision

Computer Vision is the killer application for EDGE which requires low-latency and huge computational ability

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the next industrial revolution with automation built into infrastructure

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Tensor Networks will help your business to be optimized for Industry 4.0



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