Simplicity for ML/AI Edge Decision-making

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Decisions on the Edge

Tensor Networks’ software simplifies building computing machines and gets them running; if your workloads include Edge, Network, Cloud, Machine Learning (ML) and/or Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, our secure toolkits help you deploy in 20-minutes or less, saving you hours of time whilst adding flexibility on one or fleets of machines.


Edge is where data changes context; the cell tower, branch office, store, factory or sensor.  These are the “Edges of Data,” where decisions are made.  Our mission is to empower decision-making opportunities through micro data centers simplifying Edge Inference Networking.


Our toolkits enabling teraflop computing where it matters, trillions of calculations per second for decision-making on the Edge used for real-time sensory awareness through optimized reference hardware, secure edition open source software and our unique blending are combined with ML/AI platforms.


We simplify and transform the complex junction of Cloud, network, 5G with AI/ML empowering a myriad of vertical opportunities.  Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Cities, Robotics, Cyber Physical Systems, Intelligent Infrastructure, Industry 4.0, Nano-tech and the future depend upon the power and architecture of Edge Computing.


Improved Experience & Change

        Edges of Data
Better Business Decision Points

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Putting It Together 

Edge Inference Architectures 


Numbers are Information

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Information is Knowledge

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Knowledge is Wisdom

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